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We highly recommend Answers Fermented Raw Dog & Cat Food

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The founders of Answers, a microbiologist and nutritional scientist with over 46 combined years of experience in the pet food industry, knew there needed to be a higher standard of quality nutrition, food bio-availability, and a more humane way to source farm animals in the pet food industry.

They knew the state of operations at other pet food companies, and understood that pet food currently on the shelves was frequently low quality. They didn’t want to be a large industrial corporation that outsources materials, or one of the companies employing harsh processing techniques like high pressure processing or freeze-drying. They knew it was time to offer a humane, sustainable way of organic, pasture-raised farming that protects the food state, the environment, animals, and our pets’ well-being. From farm to bowl: this is how Answers Pet Food was created.

Answers is the only raw pet food we sell at Instinctive Pet. Their process from sourcing to packaging is in line with our philosophies. Humanely raised, pasture based, environmentally friendly practices, and a high quality species appropriate diet for our pets.

As a foster home for Golden Retriever rescue many dogs spend time at my home, including those with medical conditions. A raw diet has healed dogs who were treated unsuccessfully with medication. Our most recent foster was diagnosed with a skin disease and was being treated with multiple medications. Blood tests revealed his liver was compromised, most likely from the long term use of steroids. His coat was dry and coarse. Many areas were without fur including his tail. His skin was thick, black and scaly with a distinctive yeasty odor. Although a sweet and happy fellow, it was clear he did not feel well.

Guinness when he arrived as a foster

After arriving Guinness was taken off all medications and began eating Answers raw food. Within weeks his skin became pink and healthy. Soft, healthy fur began growing on the bare patches. The transformation in just two months was dramatic and he continues to improve daily.

Guinness after two months of eating Answers

84% of the immune system is based in the gut and you improve gut health by feeding good bacteria that it is available in fermented foods.

Nutrient-dense Feeding Supports Liver Function.

Feed Less with Nutrient-Rich Foods.

To learn more about Answers products visit their web site here.

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