Personal Care and Home

Hand crafted all natural personal care and cleaning products 
Multipurpose Surface Cleaner 16 ounce: 
Citrus Explosion$8.00
Lavender Essentials$8.00
Lemongrass Essentials$8.00
Laundry Soap 65 ounce:
Citrus Explosion$15.00
Liquid Hand Soap 8.5 ounce:
Citrus Explosion$6.50
Lavender Essentials$6.50
Lemongrass Essentials$6.50
Tea Tree Blend$6.50
Body Wash 8.5 ounce:
Citrus Explosion$8.00
Lavender Essentials$8.00
Lavender Spearmint$8.00
Hand Lotion 8.5 ounce pump bottle:
Lavender Essentials$10.00
Lemongrass Essentials$10.00
Naked – scent free$10.00
Winter Blend$10.00
Body Butter 8 ounce jar:
Lavender Essentials$15.00
Lemongrass Essentials$15.00
Naked – scent free$15.00
Hand and Food Balm 4 ounce jar:
Mint with Tea Tree$11.00
Shampoo 8 ounce bottle:
Citrus Explosion$12.00
Lavender Spearmint$12.00
Refreshing Mint with Tea Tree$12.00
Conditioner 8 ounce bottle:
Citrus Explosion$13.00
Lavender Spearmint$13.00
Refreshing Mint with Tea Tree$13.00
Lip Balm:
Mint Essentials$3.00
Small Batch Natural Soap and Body Products made in Berryville Virginia
Bar Soap:
Ale and Citrus$6.00
Awake – rosemary, peppermint$6.00
Bengal Spice$6.00
Bergamot and Basil$6.00
Citrus Sunset – grapefruit, orange, ylang ylang, geranium$6.00
Clary Sage and Geranium$6.00
Coconut and Mango$6.00
Coffee Latte$6.00
Honey and Oatmeal Almond$6.00
Just Clean – sandalwood, bergamot, black pepper$6.00
Lavender Fennel$6.00
Lavender Fields – lavender, rosemary patchouli$6.00
Sprint Woods – bergamot, basil$6.00
Still Waters – oakmoss, amber, vetiver$6.00
Sweet Touch – oatmeal, clary sage, geranium$6.00
For men:
Loki – pine, basil, grapefruit$6.00
Odin – cedar, lemon, rosemary$6.00
Thor – clove, cedar, nutmeg, grapefruit$6.00
Yggdrasil – patchouli, lemon juniper, cedar$6.00
Bath Soak 6 ounce bag:
Muscle – cedarwood, juniper, ylang ylang, myrrh$5.00
Soothing – sandalwood, orange, black pepper$5.00
Uplifting – ylang ylang, orange, lemon, bergamot$5.00
Body Crème 8 ounce jar:
Bengal Spice$12.00
Lavender Fields$12.00
Shampoo Bar 4 ounce:
Dry Hair$11.95
Normal to Oily Hair$11.95
Conditioner Bar 4 ounce:
Dry Hair$11.95
Normal to Oily Hair$11.95
Air Freshener 4 ounce spray:
Salve 1 ounce tin:
Jewelweed for poison ivy relief$6.00
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