Dog Food

All of our products are now available for pick up from our porch. Our Porch Pickup system is easy and safe. Just call 540-931-5724 or email and let us know what you need. We will place your order on the porch where you can pick it up at your convenience.

Detailed Beef 1lb$6.98
Detailed Beef 1oz Nibbles 2.2lb$19.33
Detailed Beef 4lb$26.53
Detailed Beef 8oz Patties 4lb$30.96
Detailed Beef Bulk 30lb$192.88
Detailed Chicken 1lb$5.20
Detailed Chicken 1oz Nibbles 2.2lb$15.72
Detailed Chicken 4lb$19.80
Detailed Chicken 8oz Patties 4lb$25.96
Detailed Chicken Bulk 30lb$137.87
Detailed Pork 1lb$6.75
Detailed Pork 1oz Nibbles 2.2lb$18.65
Detailed Pork 4lb$25.67
Detailed Pork 8oz Patties 4lb$29.84
Detailed Pork Bulk 30lb$176.61
Detailed Turkey 1lb$6.95
Detailed Turkey 1oz Nibbles 2.2lb$18.89
Detailed Turkey 4lb$26.38
Detailed Turkey 8oz Patties 4lb$29.99
Detailed Turkey Bulk 30lb$182.02
Straight Beef 1lb$6.75
Straight Beef 4lb$25.71
Straight Chicken 1lb$4.75
Straight Chicken 4lb$18.00
Straight Pork 1lb$6.65
Straight Pork 4lb$25.16
Straight Turkey 1lb$6.59
Straight Turkey 4lb$25.06
Cow Milk Kefir Cheese w/ Cumin 8oz$10.95
Cow Milk Kefir Cheese w/ Garlic 8oz$10.95
Cow Milk Kefir Cheese w/ Turmeric 8oz$10.95
Cow’s Milk Kefir PT$5.26
Cow’s Milk Kefir QT$8.90
Cow’s Milk Kefir Half Gallon$16.03
Fermented Raw Chicken Feet$9.66
Fermented Raw Pig Feet$9.66
Fish Stock PT$4.57
Fish Stock QT$8.24
Goat Milk Cheese w/ Blueberries 8oz$12.95
Goat Milk Cheese w/ Cherries 8oz$12.95
Goat Milk Cheese w/ Cranberries 8oz$12.95
Goat Milk Cheese w/ Ginger 8oz$10.95
Goat Milk Cheese w/ Spirulina 8oz$10.95
Goat Milk Cheese w/ Turmeric 8oz$10.95
Goat’s Milk Half Gallon$17.63
Goat’s Milk Pint$5.82
Goat’s Milk Quart$9.86
Turkey Stock Pint$5.10
Turkey Stock  Quart $8.24
Canine Health 6.5 ounce$9.50
Canine Health 20 ounce$13.95
Canine Health 5 pound$39.95
Due to the high demand for Answers we may not have all of these items in stock for immediate pick up.  
* 30 pound boxes are special order items.
We receive a delivery on Thursday of each week.
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