Dog and Cat Food

All of our products are now available for pick up from our porch. Our Porch Pickup system is easy and safe. Just email and let us know what you need. We will place your order on the porch where you can pick it up at your convenience.

We receive a delivery from our supplier each Thursday. Place your order by close of business Monday and your order will be ready for pick up beginning Thursday afternoon.

     Cat Beef 1lb$11.67
     Cat Chicken 1lb$9.75
     Cat Duck 1lb$16.12
     Cat Pork 1lb$11.23
     Cat Turkey 1lb$11.58
     Cow Milk Kefir Cheese w/ Cumin 8oz$10.95
     Cow Milk Kefir Cheese w/ Garlic 8oz$10.95
     Cow Milk Kefir Cheese w/ Turmeric 8oz$10.95
     Cow Milk Kefir Half Gallon$16.03
     Cow’s Milk Kefir PT$5.26
     Cow’s Milk Kefir QT$8.90
     Detailed Beef 1lb$6.98
     Detailed Beef 1oz Nibbles 2.2lb$19.33
     Detailed Beef 4lb$26.53
     Detailed Beef 8oz Patties 4lb$30.96
     Detailed Beef Bulk 30lb$192.88
     Detailed Beef Patties Bulk 20lb$149.80
     Detailed Chicken 1lb$5.20
     Detailed Chicken 1oz Nibbles 2.2lb$15.72
     Detailed Chicken 4lb$19.80
     Detailed Chicken 8oz  Patties 4lb$25.96
     Detailed Chicken Bulk 30lb$137.87
     Detailed Chicken Patties Bulk 20lb$125.72
     Detailed Duck 1lb$12.60
     Detailed Duck 4lb$46.98
     Detailed Duck Patties$52.72
     Detailed Duck Nibbles$30.26
     Detailed Duck Bulk 30 pound$341.16
     Detailed Pork 1lb$6.75
     Detailed Pork 1oz Nibbles 2.2lb$18.65
     Detailed Pork 4lb$25.67
     Detailed Pork 8oz Patties 4lb$29.84
     Detailed Pork Bulk 30lb$176.61
     Detailed Pork Patties Bulk 20lb$144.70
     Detailed Turkey 1lb$6.95
     Detailed Turkey 1oz Nibbles 2.2lb$18.89
     Detailed Turkey 4lb$26.38
     Detailed Turkey 8oz Patties 4lb$29.99
     Detailed Turkey Bulk 30lb$182.02
     Detailed Turkey Patties Bulk 20lb$145.32
     Fish Stock PT$4.57
     Fish Stock QT$8.24
     Goat Milk Cheese w/ Blueberries 8oz$12.95
     Goat Milk Cheese w/ Cherries 8oz$12.95
     Goat Milk Cheese w/ Cranberries 8oz$12.95
     Goat Milk Cheese w/ Ginger 8oz$10.95
     Goat Milk Cheese w/ Turmeric 8oz$10.95
     Goat Milk HG$17.63
     Goat Milk PT$5.82
     Goat Milk QT$9.86
     Rewards Fermented Pig Feet$9.66
     Rewards Fermented Chicken Feet$9.66
     Straight Beef 1lb$6.75
     Straight Beef 4lb$25.71
     Straight Chicken 1lb$4.75
     Straight Chicken 4lb $18.00
     Straight Duck 1lb$14.05
     Straight Duck 4lb$55.38
     Straight Pork 1lb$6.65
     Straight Pork 4lb$25.16
     Straight Turkey 1lb$6.59
     Straight Turkey 4lb$25.06
     Turkey Stock PT$5.10

Bravo and Primal Product List Coming Soon

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