Instinctive Pet was created by Jo Bighouse in 2017 to bring you healthy products for your animal companions. Since losing her Golden Retriever Missy to cancer in 1999, Jo has made it a personal mission to educate pet owners about the importance of a real food diet.

In addition to her own canine and feline family members, many foster dogs spend time in her home. She has been feeding a raw diet for over 20 years and has seen the difference a species appropriate real food diet can make.  Foster dogs have overcome allergies, skin issues, obesity, lethargy and mouth odor by removing processed food from their diet.

Jo is the founder of Serenity Farm Animal Sanctuary. She is passionate about protecting the environment and the humane treatment of animals and is an advocate for sustainable agricultural methods, buying local, supporting family farms and the need for naturally produced fresh food for optimal health.

Jo was the owner and operator of Midas Touch, a health food store for people and pets, in Berryville, Virginia for 6 years.


Our physical store is not open to customers at this time due to Covid. Our products include raw pet food, homemade treats, homeopathic remedies and organic essential oils which are available as pre-orders to be picked up from the store porch. You can find a complete listing of products on the Place Your Order section.

10% of sales from Instinctive Pet are donated to Serenity Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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