Instinctive Pet was created by Jo Bighouse in 2017 to bring you healthy products for your animal companions. Jo is the founder of Serenity Farm Animal Sanctuary. She is passionate about protecting the environment and the humane treatment of animals and is an advocate for sustainable agricultural methods, buying local, supporting family farms and the need for naturally produced fresh food for optimal health. Jo was the owner and operator of Midas Touch, a health food store for people and pets, in Berryville, Virginia for 6 years.

Our products include homemade treats, organic essential oils and homeopathic remedies.

Dehydrated meat treats are made with local grass fed beef or human-grade chicken and each treat has just one single ingredient. Baked treats are made with freshly ground oat flour, organic coconut oil and filtered water.

Aura Cacia organic essential oils are sourced carefully and sustainably from the best sources around the world. Each shipment must pass full analytical testing to verify purity and quality. Oils are produced by either steam distillation or cold press and chemical solvents are never used in their processing.

Washington Homeopathic, located in Berkley Springs, West Virginia, began in 1873 as a homeopathic pharmacy in Washington, DC. These remedies are of the highest quality, hand succussed in glass.  Our Instinctive Pet selection consists of 30C single remedies.

10% of sales from Instinctive Pet are donated to Serenity Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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